Founder, Wanderers

Being a scientist by profession in the field of genetics earlier I have found out that books can only give you Information but knowledge is beyond books, beyond the confines of your inbuilt boundaries. I am not a knowledge seeker I am just a person who wants to get to know my life, not from Afar but up close. I want to know how I can live my life the way I was chosen to, how am I supposed to cherish this gift from God? Did he want me to work as hard as my mortal body would allow me to and then leave the world with nothing? Not even memories that I could cherish or experiences that I could take with me to my next life?
I know we all need to work hard to be what we have to be, to do what we need to do and to live as we are expected to, but there is much more to our lives than we all realize. I realized that I Love reading books, I love to socialize, I love to travel, I love to sing and dance in the rain, I love people and People love me back, I am my happiest when surrounded by people who matter to me, I love languages and I have a knack for it. All this and much more was there inside of me just wound up and willing to be explored, but I was spending my time doing something that I was expected to do. I broke those shackles, not that I wasn’t happy turning and twisting the fate of human life with my hands but I knew I could be happier….
I realized that I was not seeking money, I yearned to be around people and I wanted those people to be happy. I knew for sure that their happiness would seep slowly into my life too and it did. I started wanderers for people like me who love life and their poison is love and laughter of friends. The good part is, that unlike me you don’t have to start at the very beginning, Wanderers givesyou a platform where you can add happiness and meaning to your life. This is where you ditch the “I have to get this to be happy” thought process because, for you to be happy all you need to do is to be yourself and be thankful for what you have now.  Maybe this is the time??
Its time for you to make time for yourself, give yourself a break from the tedious task of living the monotonous life.

"Blow off the steam, kick up your heels, go on a spree, cut loose from dull, and paint the town red...Soar with us as we take your hand and celebrate with you this adventure called life and join the caravan of wanderers to experience life like you have never before"


Head, Business Development

The guy who doesn't like to talk about himself cause he thinks actions speak louder than words,he does prove that with his dedication to his work and what he believes in. A positive mind and attitude keeps him in his spirits to combat any challenge that work or life brings to him. A master's in Commerce our business development couldn't have gotten a better person to head it.He is a complete people's person, thoughtful, helpful and a real friend to anyone who might need his help,no wonder his mantra is of The great Dalai Lama " Be kind whenever possible, it's always possible ".Working in the industry for a long time since he was way too young only gives him an advantageous edge.He loves connecting to people on a daily basis and he does make their day only brighter by doing so. He believes that

"If you know what you are doing is not wrong then don’t be afraid from doing it ever,stay focussed and keep going".